About Global Citizen Events

Global Citizen Events are held each February in the Central Okanagan to promote the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These goals have been adopted by the United Nations for 2015-2030. ALL of us play a part!


our core values


We acknowledge that the barriers to universal equality and justice are larger than any demographic, people group, or religion.

Collective Efforts

We recognize that together we accomplish more than we can as individuals.

Global Thinking with Local Action

We understand that change begins in our own communities and spreads throughout the world.

Our Event goals


To communicate the role that we share as Global Citizens through the arts: music, photography, film, drama, artisans, and more.


To bring awareness to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by member nations of the United Nations in 2015 and to be reached by 2030. Global Citizen Events celebrates specific goals and what local people/groups are doing to reach those goals.

Inspire to action

To make concerted efforts to respond based on what we have seen and learned. To move from inaction to individual and collective action, and from disillusionment to hope.

Since 2003, Global Citizen Events has expanded from one week to a nearly month-long celebration of broad community engagement. Global Citizen Events appeals to everyone, and features the support and participation of local artists. If you are a local artist and want to be involved—contact us! We're also willing to partner with others to expand our current events and/or to include their events in our festival!

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